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scriptingNews outline for 6/16/99

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:6/16/1999; 6:02:44 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 6/16/99
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DaveNet: A Faceoff with Netscape.

Frontier 6 Security Alert, affects systems running mainResponder, we highly recommend all users install this fix.

Here's the next revision of our scriptingNews web syndication format, started in 1997. It's got one major advantage over RSS, the items can be paragraphs that link to one or more web pages, which more accurately reflects what's going on. We would have preferred to work with Netscape, but they have had so many departures and are so confused that they can't remember that they committed to working with us. We love competition!

You can see the advantage of scriptingNews format in this simple A-B comparison. Here's the "skinny" RSS version of this site, and here's the fat version.

We would be pleased to see these improvements in the next revision of RSS. That would be the happy ending for channel content developers.

XML.COM: Why XML is Meant for Java.

ZDNet: NT Security Hole. "Nearly every Windows NT-based Web server on the Internet is vulnerable to a newly discovered security hole that lets a malicious hacker take over the server -- and, in some cases, the network to which it is attached, says a network security company."

NY Times: Booming in Silicon Valley. "And in meetings at power breakfast spots in Palo Alto like Il Fornaio or Bucks in Woodside, executives shake their heads over stories such as the one about the home in a comfortable Palo Alto neighborhood that sold in April for $1 million more than the $2.4 million asking price."

Sidney Markowitz: "If I were to be kind to Gosling I would guess that he made a reasonable statement about Unix being more virus-resistant than Windows and the journalist did the usual garbling that one sees in news articles. The less kind interpretation is that Gosling stretched the truth to take an opportunity to flame Windows in public."

EasyEverything.Com is a chain of Internet cafes in London.

Wired: Palm V a big hit at Java One.

Regular Expressions: PHP and JavaScript.

Macromedia: Flash 4.

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