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Re: ScriptingNews 2.0b1 Comments

Author:Gary Teter
Posted:6/16/1999; 8:35:42 AM
Topic:ScriptingNews 2.0b1 Comments
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For the most part, I like it. The new header sub-items are great!

I'm not sure about the way the tag works now. Is the tag gone? I'm hoping it isn't, but I don't see it in the 2.0b1 of today's ScriptingNews or the DTD.<p> The new format does have expressive power due to the <text> and <linetext> tags, and I like that. A lot! And it suits the way Scripting News is written: short paragraphs, often with multiple links embedded.<p> But it doesn't work as well for a drill-down type of interface, which is what I've been working on recently. If I just pick off the <linetext> tags some of the "headlines" the user sees are just things like "Here's the next revision", "RSS version" and "fat version". A little cryptic. (And should I make "RSS version" and "fat version" two separate top-level items? They're not...)<p> The user could drill down one level further to read the body text with the embedded links, but it's not quite as useful as a well-written <title> like, say, "ScriptingNews format revised", which would let them know if they should drill down or not.<p> Of course, having say, a <title> and multiple <linetext> items makes extra work for a site like ScriptingNews since you don't use headlines, and I'm not sure what the <title> would link to on ScriptingNews anyway -- an anchor within the ScriptingNews html page? Or just drill down to read the <text>? Hmmm...<p> ...time to revise my UI...<grumble> :-) <br><br> <br><br><hr>This page was archived on 6/13/2001; 4:50:50 PM.<br><br>© Copyright 1998-2001 <a href="">UserLand Software</a>, Inc. </blockquote></blockquote> </body> </html>