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Re: Unix and Email Viruses

Author:Paul Nakada
Posted:6/16/1999; 10:06:21 AM
Topic:Unix and Email Viruses
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Right, unfortunately, we need these "truths" to become a part of the societal norm. While I'd like to think that we are making strides in this direction, I think that we're being bitten by the rapid growth of email and the internet. So many new and unsophisticated users are coming on board, with little or no guidance about the "rights and wrongs" of living with the internet.

Think about the virus in every day life? We're supposed to wash our hands before eating, not bite our nails, for crying out loud, it took years of people dying before we started wearing seatbelts.

As long as there is the "electronic greeting card" people will continue to execute at risk binaries.

- Paul

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