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XMLNews Format: Any Thoughts?

Author:Mark Kennedy
Posted:6/16/1999; 10:15:28 AM
Topic:XMLNews Format: Any Thoughts?
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We are currently publishing an .rss file for content syndication, but we, too, find it limiting in the amount of information it can handle so we're looking for another format that could satisfy our needs. (we'll continue to publish the .rss format, but we need something more robust to offer)

I came across XMLNews today and thought it looked like a pretty good system. Their site is:

Here's how they describe their spec:

XMLNews is an exciting new set of specifications for exchanging news and information using open, Web-based standards. By making it easier to produce, receive, and archive any kind of information across different hardware, software and programming languages, XMLNews is good news for everyone in the news industry.

XMLNews has several advantages for news producers and news consumers alike. With a single standard format for all news feeds, XMLNews will make it easier to share news all along the distribution chain, from reporters in the field and international press agencies to end-users such as news portals and corporate intranets.

I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or experience with this format. It's pretty new, but seems robust (maybe too robust for some applications?).

Any thoughts?

Mark Kennedy

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