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Re: returning form data as html

Author:Sam DeVore
Posted:6/16/1999; 8:11:17 PM
Topic:returning form data as html
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Without seeig your script I wonder if you are building up a string as a response and then not returning it. It sould look something like this. If you have any other questions try some of the script Meridian lists. Sam D

on myCgi (adrParams) local (htmltext = webServer.httpHeader ()) on add (s) htmltext = htmltext + s + cr} add ("") add ("") add ("This be my CGI") add ("") add ("

This got sent back

") add ("A test of a param that got sent " + adrParams^.method) add ("") add ("") return (htmltext) //note that this is the test I want returned to the browser.

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