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Author:Mark Nottingham
Posted:6/16/1999; 7:49:04 PM
Topic:ScriptingNews 2.0b1 Comments
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* SkipHours and SkipDays seem prone to misinterpretation. Perhaps either force people to specify a , or use SkipGMTHours, SkipGMTDays, to remind them that silicon valley isn't the only place on the net <0.6 wink>?

* I'm new to the scene, but it seems like there's already a lot of fragmentation in the standards. Perhaps it should be 'extended rss' or the like - it's hard enough getting content providers to produce one file...

* I agree very much that some of the syntax is cumbersome. More attributes on tags! Also, the contact fields' (webmaster, etc) format is a bit vague; what's allowable as an e-mail address? Why not have the contact's name as the payload of the tag, and the actual e-mail address as an attribute?

* associating a date with each item would be very nice. HTTP-date? Unix epoch? dunno.

* There can be many formats for an item; you've done the 'free-flow text' type. Wouldn't it be nice to support this as well as the stock 'headline / link ' and a better 'headline / link / description ' format as well? Or does it?

Keep up the good work...

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