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Author:Dave Winer
Posted:6/17/1999; 7:49:01 AM
Topic:Netscape on next rev of RSS
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RSS aggregates headlines, scriptingNews does not.

Ian, with all respect, you're missing something important.

can do everything RSS can do. If you want to do just headlines, no problemmo. It becomes an artistic decision for the editorial people at the publication, it's not a limit of the format.

In other words it would be nice to know if you want to add a little copy that's not hotlinked, you can do it. In the current RSS spec it's just not possible.

In any case, we're not the ones who decide this. Let's see if Wired bites. The offer has just been out there for 24 hours. Hopefully it'll be all right with you if people support . It's a vote for Netscape to not view RSS as proprietary, which they currently clearly do. Wired may be one of the few pubs with a big-picture view that can see this benefit clearly.

If not, we'll fall back to RSS, we still support it. But watch out, there will be an a CNET format, a NY Times format, a Time-Warner format, an MP3.COM format, an Apple format, a Sun format, a Microsoft format, an IBM format, an Adobe format, a Macromedia format, a Yahoo format, an Amazon format, an eBay format, you get the idea..

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