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Problem with lists?
Posted:6/17/1999; 9:26:21 AM
Topic:Problem with lists?
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I'm using 5.0.1, so this may have been fixed, but I think it's a big enough problem that it deserves a mention anyway.

If you make a new list somewhere in the ODB, say at scratchpad.mylist, and then programatically change the list with a line of usertalk as follows:

	scratchpad.mylist[1] = 10
	scratchpad.mylist[2] = 20

then save the ODB, quit frontier, and open it back up, the list will be empty. If, however, you do the following:

	local (mylist = scratchpad.mylist)
	mylist[1] = 10
	mylist[2] = 20
	scratchpad.mylist = mylist

save, quit, and open, the changes are there. It seems as though changing elements of a list that lives in the ODB (as opposed to the stack) don't get properly saved and are somehow considered temporary.

It took me quite a while to figure this out, so I thought I might as well save some others from the same frustration :-).

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