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Re: Paul Everitt on Zope and Frontier

Author:Michel Pelletier
Posted:6/18/1999; 11:22:12 AM
Topic:Paul Everitt on Zope and Frontier
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So when do I get my complimentary copy of Frontier? ;)

In all seriousness, I think this line of discussion that you have opened with Paul is intriguing. I'm very excited about any outside contact we make in 'digispace', and I think Zope has the viral like qualities to survive even the onslaught of billions of dollars of competitive pressure. In the world of memes, Open Source is a very powerful contender.

An idea I found curious, but elaborated no further on it, is how Frontier used to be free (rumor has it) and now it costs money, and Principia (the predecesor of Zope) used to cost money, and now it's free. I thing perhaps both products have benefited from their paradigm shifts.

I applaud your sense of openess on the issue, and I hope to soon see the benefits of personal experimentation with Zope and Frontier (guess I need a Winish/Macish machine now).

And for a small personal plug, is there a webmail interface to Frontier? I'm especialy interersted in stomping the competition in that particular area (like the PHP based IMP).

-Michel Pelletier
Digital Creations

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