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Posted:6/19/1999; 1:24:33 AM
Topic:Netscape on next rev of RSS
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By using a data format that understands the value of content drawing upon multiple independently managed vocabularies simultaneously.

Netcenter should be able to do most of RSS using Dublin Core []. DC represents a consensually built standard for simple discovery-oriented description of 'document like' objects; it is vendor neutral and has ties to bibliographic standards such as MARC widely used in the Library world. should be able to do most of client-side sitemaps using Dublin Core. Dublin Core has adopted RDF's data model (though is experimenting with simpler syntaxes); this means that any application that buys into RDF can use DC properties for simple document-like description, mixed in with other properties (ratings etc) which may be more proprietary or experimental.

In this sense, the RDF data model creates a safe marketplace for competing vocabularies, since there's a principled way to manage a mix-in of independently defined terms; raw XML doesn't give you this.

Consequently, if Netcentre use raw XML, they'll have to reinvent a Dublin Core like property set. Which is probably not a good use of their time.



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