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xmlrpc difficulty with

Author:Edd Dumbill
Posted:6/19/1999; 4:23:53 AM
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I'm implementing some PHP code to be an XMLRPC client (it's impossible to do a server at the moment as PHP won't give access to raw POST data yet).

However, I'm running up against some problems with forming the query. Via telnet I'm trying to send this (IMHO valid) request to

User-Agent: PHP XMLRPC 1.0
Content-Type: text/xml
Content-Length: 161

And getting a fault code back: Poorly formed XML text, didn't find a '>' after a '<'. (At character #155.)

Now char#155 is the 'd' in I also try and send this request from PHP and get nothing at all back, so I'm doubly confused now -- especially as all seems OK if I POST this to a CGI which just echos back the contents at me.

Any ideas?

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