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scriptingNews outline for 6/22/99

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:6/22/1999; 5:53:28 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 6/22/99
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New Channels: LinuxToday, BucksWoodside.Com, AppleSurf.

David Carter-Tod adds Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) to the list of supported environments for XML-RPC.

Motley Fool: Salon.Com Open for Business. "While Hambrecht charges as low as half the fee of mainstream underwriters, the companies taking this route to public life are paying an even dearer price."

Jesse Berst: The Hidden Failure of Windows 2000. "Anyone who studies Darwin knows that a species is most successful when it adapts to a particular environment. Windows 2000 failed because it tried to succeed in every market. As a result, it's a jack of all trades but a master of none."

MSNBC: Another PowerBook Headache?

News.Com: Oracle XML components speak most languages.

I would like to see Oracle adopt another language. I bet a lot of other developers would like this too!

NewsWire "keeps you updated on the latest headlines on some of the top news sites. It polls sites every hour (with the time between each poll configurable) and if there is anything new it grabs the headline. If there are any stories you want to read you simply press a button and it brings it up in your browser." It's a Windows desktop app. Reads a text-file format from the back-end or snarfs links from HTML.

Scroll to the end of the New Stories page on My.UserLand.Com. You'll see a list of pages, one for each hour of the day. Now you can see all the stories of the day, broken up into hourly listings. At dinner last night I said excitedly to my friend, "It's got lots more cool stuff than News.Com." It's true. Thanks to all the diligent webloggers who are contributing to this page. Hopefully it's a win-win. I really like what's happening here. The rest of the web seems boring in comparison. Yeah!

SF Chron: Giving a Push to Push. Hey push was overhyped. Get over it. To think that there will *not* be new kinds of flow is ridiculous. As the grooves get worn there will be other ways to distribute info. Push as it is currently implemented by Marimba and others is centralized. When it's decentralized it will become quite powerful. But it's tricky, and tricky stuff takes time.

Reuters: Salon IPO Priced at $10.50. "Salon is offering 2.5 million shares, or about 23 percent of its total stock."

Quote.Yahoo.Com: SALN. Good luck to our friends at Salon!

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