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Re: Javascript/RSS/ScriptingNews Combo Question

Author:Gary Teter
Posted:6/26/1999; 12:19:02 PM
Topic:Javascript/RSS/ScriptingNews Combo Question
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One of my favorite areas of research!

The fun part is dealing with the browser security model. Netscape and IE have completely different views on how to control access to things, and unfortunately scripts that access servers other than the one they were downloaded from are considered security holes. (And heaven help you if you're dealing with Netscape 3's "tainting" model -- eek!)

It ends up being easier to fetch the URLs from a process on your server, then send it down to the client... and once you've gone to that much trouble, you may as well do the rest of the heavy lifting on the server as well and send down a completely formed HTML page.

If you still want to offload the parsing and page generation to the client, there is an XML parser written in JavaScript at

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