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Re: Nick Petreley's Linux prediction

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:6/26/1999; 3:04:38 PM
Topic:Nick Petreley's Linux prediction
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Dude, you're twisting it around, he's saying that Linux won't be dead, not that NT will be.

BTW, it might not be safe to bet against the house, but that's just like the people who thought IBM would always be a good bet. If you had been sitting in the room, as I was, when IBM demo'd Topview, if you were like many other people, you would have told Microsoft to throw in the towel. They never did, and the Linux guys, never will either. That's the bet I'd make (and I did make then, we tried to do something with Topview but it was so brain damaged).

Now, for a 10-point bonus, what was Topview? ;->

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