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Nick Petreley's Linux prediction

Author:Steven C. Den Beste
Posted:6/26/1999; 2:02:39 PM
Topic:Nick Petreley's Linux prediction
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This year, when Nick Petreley is chief editor of Linux World, he's certain that Linux will bump off Windows.

Last year, Nick Petreley was chief editor of NCWorld (I think it was, a rag about network computers) and was equally certain that the PC as we knew it would be dead in months, replaced by thin clients. He even quit his job as a columnist at InfoWorld.

That magazine is now gone, and NCs are one of the paths-not-taken.

Petreley's record for making major predictions about the future of the industry is not really a good one. The simple reason is that he invariably bets against Microsoft, irrespective of anything else.

I just got back from a trip to Vegas. It's never safe to "bet against the house".

He might be right in this case, of course, but it'll be luck and not wisdom. Sometimes "the house" does lose. (I won $90 playing blackjack.)

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