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Re: Free Speech not Free Beer (was Re: Win What?)

Author:Jim Flanagan
Posted:6/28/1999; 2:00:36 PM
Topic:Win What?
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Michael Grinder posted:
This is a common misunderstanding of the word "free." when dealing with Linux or other GPL'ed/Open Source software. No one claims that using Linux costs nothing in terms of time and/or money

I hear you, but people certainly do make this claim. That's why I used the word "$free" instead of the word "Free." There are many people who influence technical desicions who do not understand this distinction.

I have more than once been in the position of having to disabuse people (linux advocates and management alike) of the notion that deploying Linux in large-scale situations would cost much less than deploying, say, Solaris or NT, simply because you can buy a single copy and install 500 machines sans licensing fees.

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