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Re: Win What?

Author:Jim Flanagan
Posted:6/28/1999; 2:11:41 PM
Topic:Win What?
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Karl, I think you've succinctly captured the forces behind "World Domination Gone Wrong."

You go on to say:

Well, they don't want those customers when you're talking about Linux as a consumer desktop operating system. But if you're talking about Linux as the operating sysem behind a vast number of "information appliances" like the the empeg car player or the itsy or palm pilot-ish tools, then I think the answer is yes, they do want these people.

In this case, if the appliance has been implemented correctly, the consumer will never know that they've "been had." The underlying OS will be hidden from the consumer. The Linux advocacy in this case is aimed at the developers of the appliance. "Why should you build on top of Linux."

The respect of product engineers and engineering management may be harder to gain and keep in the face of a Linux/MS Slug fest.

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