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Re: too many files open [Mac]

Author:Duncan Smeed
Posted:6/28/1999; 5:19:06 PM
Topic:too many files open [Mac]
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Check out

From the ReadMe:

About Font File Helper

“Font File Helper” looks at each of the font files and font suitcases in your Fonts folder (inside your System Folder) and merges them into one or two font suitcases.

Doing this will help you to work around the increasingly common Mac OS problem of “too many files open,” or error -42.

Merging your fonts helps because versions of the Mac OS up to 8.6 only allow 348 files to be open at the same time. This sounds like a lot, but recent versions of the OS keep many files open for their own use, making it more likely you’ll run into the 348 file limit.

Since each separate font in your Fonts folder uses an open file, you’ll save one open file for every font you can merge. If you merge 100 fonts into one suitcase, you’ll be able to open 99 more files before hitting the limit. A typical installation of Mac OS 8.6 has about 40 font files that can be merged.

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