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Re: The price is misleading.

Author:William Crim
Posted:6/28/1999; 7:28:17 PM
Topic:NT Licensing is worse than you fear.
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When you buy a BackOffice Small Business Server, YOU are responsible for the Client licenses. The SBS says it is DESIGNED for companies with 50 or less employees, but it offers no client licenses.

From MS's BackOffice SBS site, "A Client Access License (CAL) is required for each client computer that accesses Small Business Server, including those running Microsoft Windows® 3.x, Windows for Workgroups, Windows NT® Workstation, Windows 95, and Windows 98."

Also... "These Client Add Packs are unique to Small Business Server; you may not use them with any other BackOffice products such as standalone Microsoft Windows NT Server machines. A Small Business Server CAL is needed when accessing any service from the server, whether it be file and print or access to the SQL Server database."

Here is Pricing from the page...

BackOffice SBS 4.5 (with 5 client licenses) $1,499.00 Add-On 5 Client Licenses $299.00

This seems like a terribly good deal, except that the client access licenses are for The BackOffice Small Business Server software only. This means if you buy a seperate SQL server, these Client Access Licenses don't apply to them.

Also, you will still need to buy the $2,999 per processor license to use the SQL server in an Internet environment. The SBS doesn't get around this need.

MS Licenses are structured in such a way that if you buy a license for a group package, it applies to the WHOLE group, and can't be broken into its component packages. Thus, if you buy 5 Licenses for MS Office, you have 5 License for Office, not 5 for Excel, 5 for Word, etc. If you have 3 Users using Word at the same time, and 2 Using Excel at the same time, you have used all 5 licenses. The same works for Back Office when purchased as a package.

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