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NT Licensing is worse than you fear.

Author:William Crim
Posted:6/28/1999; 3:22:41 PM
Topic:NT Licensing is worse than you fear.
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You forgot about the SQL Server too Dave. :-)

Read them and weap.

MS-SQL Server 7(5 Clients) 1,399.00 MS-SQL Server Per Processor Internet Price 2,999.00

From MS's Site: "To use an Internet Connector with SQL Server 7.0 on the Internet, you must purchase an Internet Connector License for each processor on each server that is running SQL Server or SQL Server Enterprise Edition.

Note: Intranet applications require Client Access Licenses."

So you can pay 2,999 per processor for SQL server if you use it as an internet server. This lets everyone(except people in your company) use as many connections as they want. However if you also use SQL server for Intranet stuff, you ALSO have to buy REGULAR licenses for your employees to connect.

Client Access License gives the Client the ability to connect to any server with that software on it. If I have an NT CAL, then I could connect to any NT server in the company. If you have a Server Access License, that means that only X number of clients can attach to this server. (A more traditional pricing scheme)

Microsoft has things called BackOffice CALs(Client Access Licenses). This is where Microsoft tries to convince you that it is in your best interests to buy group licenses for all of its BackOffice products for every seat in your company. At $1,309.00 for a 5 pack, this seems like less of a real bargain. Frankly, unless your company has 10-15 servers, it isn't a real bargain to buy one for each of your 50 employees who may or may not need to access SNA server on JOEBLOWSRV_1 or SQL server on JOEBLOESRV_2.

So it all comes down to this...

I want 1 dual processor machine to serve my Dynamic Web site.

NT Server 4.0(10 Licenses) $1,129 MS-SQL Server 7.0(10 License) $1,999 additional Per-Processor Internet Licensing. $5,998(2x$2,999)

Grand Total: $9126

This is assuming you only need 10 employees to work on the web server. If you want an Intranet site, you must treat each Intranet user as a regular SQL server license.

Here is Microsoft's words on the subject of Internet User "An Internet user is any person currently connected to the Internet, other than a person employed by you (as an employee, independent contractor, or in any other capacity), or otherwise providing goods or services to you or on your behalf." This means employees who need to connect are charged the full price.

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