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Frontier Mailserver/Content Server integration

Author:Eric Soroos
Posted:6/28/1999; 10:14:15 PM
Topic:Content Server domain issue
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I'm wondering the best way to do it.

1) Write a filewriter filter for the mailserver.

Well this is done, and it seems to work with the content server. A day of testing and I'll unleash this on the unsuspecting world. When it's verified, I'll put it through the mailserver root update process.

As an aside, this (frontier stuff) is really cool technology to play with.

Incoming mail when sent through this filter is saved in a specified folder, optionally with a unique name and the attachments split out.

Security is still an issue if attachments are written, so they are turned off till explicitly turned on. This could be addressed with a username/password pair in the body of the incoming email, along with the names of the files included in the incoming email.


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