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Re: XML needs a killer app
Posted:6/29/1999; 1:59:05 PM
Topic:XML needs a killer app
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"Content syndication" is a legacy media concept that doesn't translate well to the Web. It's based on the idea that there are informed, educated, high-value content developers who [...] "broadcast," [...] their uniquely valuable information, insights, and/or opinions to the consumer masses.

You are too kind. That may have been the idea, but a quick survey of 'legacy media' is enough to shoot that idea down. I am not sure what advantage legacy canned memes have over the new kind, besides the aesthetic benefits of informed posturing vs. the uninformed kind. In fact, uninformed posturing by the unwashed masses is rather refreshing, don't you think? (TMPFC: "spam, spam, spam, spam!")

And of course the 'can' is different, too. Nice and shiny.

XML + Java stands to offer truly enormous gains here, but I still don't see the "killer app."

More likely a killer framework. (Now what was the name of that Greek Man? ____ the Greek. ;)

The killer app. of XML? I think it is more fruitful to ask a DOM question.

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