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XML needs a killer app

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:6/29/1999; 8:44:34 AM
Topic:XML needs a killer app
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I was interviewed this morning via email for a story on the State of XML for InfoWorld. I thought the comments were interesting enough to post separately here.

XML needs a killer app. You won't find it on the W3C website. It won't be an editor, or a spreadsheet, or even a search engine. I don't expect competitors to really work with each other. The killer XML app will be so compelling, such an immediate market force, that it will make competitors forget about killing each other. HTML was like this, but you can't just wish for it to make it happen. It has to happen all on its own. Web content syndication may be the killer app. It could be distributed apps that run equally well on all popular operating systems. The role XML will play is an enabling role. You may find out that the killer app for XML is built in XML on a "How this is Done" page, but it won't be in your face.

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