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Re: Gun Control

Author:Dennis Peterson
Posted:6/29/1999; 8:04:09 PM
Topic:Eric Raymond
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If the other guy has a gun, I'm a lot better off with one than without. If you're interested in the actual facts, Eric Raymond's site has links to some exhaustive statistical studies showing that violent crime goes down when more people _legally_ own and carry guns, and that legal gunowners are safer overall than nonowners.

You're right that owning a gun is a very serious responsibility. There are solutions. Gun safes are very secure and allow very quick access with a keypad. A lock on the trigger guard is cheap (my local sheriff's dept sells them for $5) and will at least prevent it from being fired, and can be quickly removed.

Another responsibility is training, for legalities, safety, and skill (to keep you from hitting innocents). No one should buy a gun who is unwilling to invest serious time and money in practice and training.

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