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Re: Gun Control

Posted:6/29/1999; 5:40:14 PM
Topic:Eric Raymond
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The purpose of my gun is not to kill, but to defend myself and my family. Bear in mind that in the vast majority of incidents in which a firearm is used defensively, no shots are fired. A simple display of force is generally sufficient.

Given that a gun is so easy to obtain, putting a gun at home may not do much protection to your family. What if the guy enter your house gets a gun also. What do you do? Point you gun to him while he's pointing it to you. What if he points it to your son, and says, "You kill me, I kill your son first!" Are you going to fire?

On another note. One who gains the right to own a gun also has the responsiblity to restricting access to the gun from non-authorized people. How do you do that at home? What can you do to make sure your kids wouldn't steal your gun and carry it to the school. Are you going to lock it inside a drawer? If so, how can it protect you if someone breaks into your house? Do you have enough time to pick up your gun at all?

Stricter gun control may not be able to solve the problem entirely, but a looser control surely makes things worse.

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