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Re: Frequently updated news pages

Author:Mark Nottingham
Posted:6/29/1999; 10:45:06 PM
Topic:XML needs a killer app
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NewsHub is great, but the work to maintain it is staggering, I'm sure; I try to manage a regex-based WebPluck page, and it's no picnic.

Aggregation sites like NH solve the problem as their providers intend, but what if I, as a user, don't like how they present data? Or I want to add more sources? If they don't provide a syndication format, they just take the problem one step up the chain.

XML brings predictability to the formula, but does indeed sacrifice features. This is *good* IMHO; if everybody's features are accomodated for, you get a mish-mash aggregate page.

The trick, of course, is to come up with a *really* good XML syndication format, with the proper featues that get the content out there, but not so many that users are swamped with extension tags that accomodate every possible presentation format.

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