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MTTF feedback/questions

Author:Kurt Granroth
Posted:7/1/1999; 6:21:43 PM
Topic:MTTF feedback/questions
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First, this is not a complaint!! ;-)

I am tooling around with MailToTheFuture (cooool), and have come across some differences between what the docs say and what is returned. What I'm seeking here is just simple clarification!

1) The deleteMessage docs claim that it returns an empty string if it succeeds. However, when I tried it, it returned something like 1.

Okay. Is it supposed to return a boolean meaning that it succeeded or not? And what's with the 1? Is that supposed to be "true"? Or is it really returning the the number of the message deleted?

2) setMessage returns the same curious 1 that I can't figure out. Does it mean the same thing (the docs are totally silent on this one)?

3) I can't quite put my finger on what getAllMessages returns. Is this a dynamicly sized struct with each member name a unique number? If so, would it make more sense to have an of s?

Also, Dave, would you mind terribly if I made a standalone app with MailToTheFuture functionality?

Thanks for listening!

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