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Re: Party-poopers not welcome here

Author:David Gewirtz
Posted:7/2/1999; 7:23:53 AM layout problems
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That project's off my plate for now, but I'll add it back to my list and as soon as I can, I'll work out some changes for the version that feeds to My.Userland.Com. Probably what'll happen is news headlines will all go to our news page (since that's where the stories actually live). But the article titles will go directly into the article into our home page.

Makes the marketing slime in me wanna cry, but one of the things I've learned is to try not to piss off readers. At least not all readers. At least not every day. Since this seems to have become "an issue", it's back on my task list.

I've got a ton of stuff I'm working on, so it could take a little while to get to it. But it's something I'm committing to doing. If anyone asks, you can say "We asked him to change it and he's promised to do so, although he says it might take him a few weeks to get the time."


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