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Re: XML-RPC for Emacs

Author:Kurt Granroth
Posted:7/2/1999; 6:43:26 PM
Topic:XML-RPC for Emacs
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For completeness, of course, someone will need to do XML-RPC for vi.

Well, one could argue that they are already there! Vim has builtin scripting support for both perl and python and since there are solid Xml-Rpc implementations in both..

Hmm.. the vim authors have stated that they will NOT ever make vim read and send email (wonder who they are trying to take a dig at, there). Well, with an MailToTheFuture being Xml-Rpc and vim talking Xml-Rpc perl, it just might be possible! After all, if the "future" is right now, then MTTF is just a distributed mail server...

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