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Re: the OS price

Author:Karl Fast
Posted:7/4/1999; 8:40:32 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 7/2/99
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Karl: Yes, I am aware that the cost of Linux is not that big a factor in running a server,

Dave:It's not so simple..

I met with the technical team at XOOM.COM a couple of months ago. Over 7 million users, but only 80 people in the *whole company* (and a market cap in billions). Money for server OSes is not their concern, smoothe upgrading of their LAN is key. They opened my eyes to Linux's economies from top to bottom.

OK, so why do you think MS should make a cheap version of NT?

I'm not disagreeing with you Dave, it's just that at first glance this statement seems slightly, although not completely, incongrous with your initial proposal. I think I know what you're going to say, but knowing you I'm probably gonna be wrong ;)


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