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Scripting News Fixes

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:7/5/1999; 8:09:26 AM
Topic:Scripting News Fixes
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In yesterday's transition, which was major on our end, a few things broke, we'll get them online during the day.


The XMLizations are fixed: (SN 1.0 format) (SN 2.0b1 format) (RSS 0.9 format)

Static rendering

The static rendering is now in synch with the new setup. Now the transition seems to be mostly done, and it's new features from here-out. Yehi!

Console interface

I can now edit the contents of the home page using the same console interface that I used before the switchover.

Profile pages

The profile pages now perform acceptably. We stopped displaying all the messages posted by the member. As the size of the DG has grown to over 8000 messages this feature got slow.

Pictures in profiles are displaying, in some cases not correctly, but in many cases they work. Still investigating this.

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