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Author:Dave Winer
Posted:7/5/1999; 8:29:18 AM
Topic:Link colors
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You're choosing to burn people's brain cells when it's no trouble not to.

Ahhhh! Gotcha there.

We made the switch internally to those link colors a long time ago. In my brain, those are the normal colors. In the swirl of new stuff that was released yesterday, I could hardly remember that at one time it wasn't normal.

I know you guys don't know what's going on behind the scenes. And I don't know what's going on on your side of the screen either. There could be a reason why the peas don't work unless there are onions in there. You don't know that, so don't presume anything.

People asked me why I liked Guido's comments, and I've given this some thought. Here's my theory. Guido is a software developer. I know he understands the issues the way I understand them, I can get that from reading his posting.

If you guys would get out of the habit of taking things so personally we'll get along a lot better. My job yesterday wasn't to upset you, it was to delight you. If you see someone has already told me that the link colors are not right for them, there's no need to pile on adding message after message explaining how Jakob Nielsen thinks I'm a baaaaad developer.

Jakob may or may not understand how software development works. But we did something Jakob would approve of. The old interface still works. That's clean. No way do you get to complain. All your bookmarks are right. Link colors and everything.

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