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Re: the OS price

Author:Bill Seitz
Posted:7/6/1999; 9:03:34 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 7/2/99
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As long as you guys keep referring to "the market", you're going to keep talking past each other. There is more than one market for TCP/IP servers. Karl's pointed out the distinction between the XOOMs who need huge performance vs. the corporate intranet market. Then we're separately talking about consumers with xDSL lines. There are probably many other markets as well (small ISPs who want to offer hosting services, etc.).

So, if all this is about MS-vs-Linux, or what MS should do in relation to Linux, it seems necessary to stick to a single market at a time, and begin by describing it in more detail (not in terms of market size, but rather as a narrative about Joe-1, who fits the "profile" customer, and has certain needs, resources, etc.). If you can't agree on this profile, you're unlikely to agree on how to serve this customer....

[Counter-point: if you believe that one particular market will be so large as to squeeze out companies who focus on other markets, then maybe you could ignore my recommendation....]

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