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Re: XML-RPC via E-mail

Author:Eric Soroos
Posted:7/6/1999; 9:08:52 AM
Topic:XML-RPC via E-mail
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What I'd like to see is a standard format for XML-RPC E-mail messages.

I think the current http post format is good enough to pass as a mime message. With additional headers (to,from,subject), it could pass as a legal email message. The only necessary mapping would be post path <=> subject?

issues of security and privacy can likewise build upon E-mail standards

Pardon my saying so, but there are is _no_ email standard security.

There are mime types that include signed/encrypted content, but the headers are never encrypted. There is not even a reliable mechanisim for the sender to determine if a particular message arrived at the recipient. Http is much better in this regard. If the connection breaks before the response is read, then the request failed.

IMnsHO he issue of privacy and security would be better dealt with within the XML-RPC spec, independent of transport type. Perhaps one could encapsulate the XML-RPC request as a decrypt(contents) call on the reciever, with the decrypt function then calling whichever function is in the payload of the message. This is extensible to signing/authentication and backwards compatible with the original non-encrypted XML-RPC method.


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