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Re: Cable modems, ADSL

Author:Greg Pierce
Posted:7/6/1999; 2:19:36 PM
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An ADSL customer's usage does not affect other customers in the same way. Each customer gets their own maximum, which is typically much smaller than the peak levels possible with a cable modem. There is no reason for ADSL ISPs to restrict the services available to their customers.

Even w/ ADSL your bandwidth is getting pooled upstream at the ISP, just not locally in your neighborhood. You may get your guaranteed 256k, or whatever, to the ISP...but I don't think any ISP provides a guarantee that every ADSL user coming into a particular hub will get that level of performance going out of they're system to the net at large.

To provide competitive service, they got to manage how many users piggyback on the same T3 or T1 or whatever, and that will turn out a whole lot different if all those users are running hosting companies than if they just surf the web.

I had to pay a few bucks extra per month to my ISP for the right to run servers on my ADSL, and they're theoretically suppose to be non-commercial--although mainly they don't want me hosting other people's sites...and I didn't think this was too unreasonable.


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