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Re: Cable modems, ADSL

Author:Brian Livingston
Posted:7/7/1999; 12:23:57 PM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 7/2/99
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I had to pay a few bucks extra per month to my ISP for the right to run servers on my ADSL, and they're theoretically suppose to be non-commercial--although mainly they don't want me hosting other people's sites...and I didn't think this was too unreasonable.

I've had a slightly different experience here in Canada. My cable-based ISP (Videon) actively supports server use, for an additional fee of course.

But they accept that there will be bandwidth-pooling problems and have commited to upgrading their network to keep the "pools" small. True to their word, my throughput has improved consistently over the last year and a half (I check it every month).

My local ADSL providers have made no such commitment. It seems to be more of a cash-flow issue than any limitations with one system or the other.


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