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Debugging Betty

Author:Steve Ivy
Posted:7/7/1999; 11:10:52 AM
Topic:Debugging Betty
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I'm trying to track down a faulty path somewhere in my frontier.root. I'm actually working with console.root, but whenever I try the preview, I get macro errors from the rpc calls to betty with

The error says "The server, localhost, returned error code 7: Can't find a sub-table named "Lukas:Applications:Scripting:Frontier 6.0fc1:Guest Databases:apps:mainResponder.root".

Lukas, the drive, no longer exists. I can't find this path anywhere in frontier.root, and I can't figure out how to debug betty.rpc.server - it get's called outside the debug context when debugging the client. I want to step into the server so I can find where it's getting this path.

Can anyone help me?


UPDATE: user.betty.rpchandlers was the culprit. There were a couple bad paths in there. I still am wondering how I could step through betty.rpc.server if I needed to.

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