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Re: Linux Don't Blink

Author:Eric Kidd
Posted:7/7/1999; 1:18:39 PM
Topic:Re: Linux Don't Blink
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(I'm speaking for myself, not for UserLand.)

I have a couple of items here in this message. First, [assuming no-one else has extended an invite] consider yourself invited to tonight's SVLUG meeting in San Jose. With LinuxWorld just around the corner, this ought to prove to be a high-energy meeting. ( for directions)

Wish I could be there!

That sentence indicates that you believe that *if* MS released a server OS that was price and feature competitive with Linux, that it would somehow be preferable to use it rather than an open source alternative. Think about it; that'll never be true.

Don't look at these things as an either/or proposition. UserLand supports Windows and the MacOS, and we're starting to get into Linux. Our tools hook up to as many environments as possible.

Lots of intelligent people use Windows for lots of good reasons. Sometimes, the Linux community forgets that. Fortunately, we've got some good documents to remind us how to be polite:

Remember: never tell somebody his or her tools are stupid.


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