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Is Frontier the solution for these people?

Author:Dennis Peterson
Posted:7/7/1999; 1:17:53 PM
Topic:Is Frontier the solution for these people?
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My previous employer, a nonprofit where I worked as a graphic artist, is trying to set up a site. They want to put their publications online, which means taking the files destined for print and converting them to the web, preferably at the end of the print design process because that's when final proofing takes place. Frontier seems ideal for this, from what little I know about its templating features and so on. They also want interactive features like discussion forums.

Here's the kicker--they don't have anyone technical on staff. They have a couple of power users, but nobody who's going to be programming. This eliminates the tool I use, ASP/SQL, unless I want to do a _lot_ of volunteer work. I might next year, but too busy on a startup right now to do much. So, is Frontier easy enough to use for nontechs? And are there hosting services for it? No server admins on staff, and no budget for an inhouse infrastructure either.

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