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scriptingNews outline for 7/4/99

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:7/8/1999; 6:58:33 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 7/4/99
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InfoWorld on Manila. "Although the product is not even in beta testing yet, it is currently being put through its paces at Buck's of Woodside, a restaurant that serves as a hub of the venture capital community in Silicon Valley. The Buck's Web site is updated regularly by Jamis MacNiven, owner of the Woodside, Calif., restaurant, who has no knowledge of HTML."

BucksWoodside.Com is a Manila site.

Jamis: "If you want a camel for a friend, bring peanut butter."

I've gotten a bunch of emails today saying that AOLServer has been open-sourced. It's not clear from the website when this happened.

WebReview on PHP.

Red Herring: Zcentral Pencils in Investors. "Like most Web-based community sites -- but not all calendars -- the service encourages users to get their friends, family, and colleagues to sign up so that they can share email, documents, and calendars. If a user changes their information online, the service automatically updates the information in all their friends' and colleagues' address books. Zcentral has 10,000 users so far."

UserLand.Com is approaching 10,000 members. Wow! Maybe we're worth $100 million too? Wait till you see the cool stuff we can do with membership!

Network Solutions has turned the Internic into a hostile lawyer's playground, so we turned off WhoIs.UserLand.Com in protest and paranoia. May The Force Be With You. Live Long and Prosper.

The whole point of implementing a Backend is to allow other people to write script applications that build off our content flow. This is a good thing, and we thank people for doing it. However, we ask that you be kind to our server and make backend requests from your scripts no more than once an hour.

Bob Lewis: "Given a choice, I'd rather lug my laptop and rent clothes from the hotel." Hmmmm. Good idea!

PC WEEK on Microsoft's Neptune. "Internal Microsoft documents viewed by Sm@rt Reseller and PC Week indicate that the company is also working on an adaptation kit for its consumer Windows version, code-named Neptune, that would allow third parties to develop their own non-desktop PCs."

Joshua Allen reports that Rebol 2.1 has an XML parser. (Hey, check out Josh's member profile page. Nice picture!)

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