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Bookmark sync

Author:Sten Linnarsson
Posted:7/11/1999; 9:21:38 AM
Topic:Bookmark sync
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Has anyone written a combined VBScript/Frontier app that synchronizes bookmarks between a client machine and a web server?

I use multiple computers, and I would like to synch my bookmarks between them. VBScript will let me access the filesystem (with a security warning through the FileSystem object), so it should be possible to get the bookmarks, upload them to the server, process them (i.e. sync with a previous copy in Frontier) and then download them again.

Does anyone know a site that does this? I'd like to get some example code to start with.

A related question: where can I find the spec for the ".url" fileformat that IE/Win uses? I found the Netscape file format here.

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