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Re: Multiple Membership Groups

Author:André Radke
Posted:7/17/1999; 1:50:45 PM
Topic:Discussions for Multiple Membership Groups
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I log on to the second group, but the command bar is not getting the fact that I'm logged on. So I go digging, and find that "commonCommands" checks to see if pta^.adrMemberInfo is defined. It isn't. If I log into the default membership group, then it works.

Add a #defaultMembershipGroup attribute to the top-level website table of the second DG. Set its value to the name of the membership group associated with that DG. Now mainResponder.members.checkMembership should automatically set up pta^.adrMemberInfo for that DG, too.

If it doesn't work, the first thing to check is whether your mainResponder.root is up to date.

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