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Multiple Membership Groups

Author:Steve Ivy
Posted:7/17/1999; 12:56:51 PM
Topic:Discussions for Multiple Membership Groups
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Generally, I've been successful at getting multiple discussion groups set up, one open to the public, one requiring membership to read the group. Same for news.

My problem is that now I'd like to have two discussion groups open to the public (no #members defined) but seperate memberships defined for [discussName].edit.*

I log on to the second group, but the command bar is not getting the fact that I'm logged on. So I go digging, and find that "commonCommands" checks to see if pta^.adrMemberInfo is defined. It isn't. If I log into the default membership group, then it works. So how can I allow a discussion group to be open to the public, but let my code know that the user is actually logged in for the editing membership group for that DG?


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