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Email Announcement to Low-Volumne Groups

Author:Mark Gillingham
Posted:7/17/1999; 4:20:05 PM
Topic:Email Announcement to Low-Volumne Groups
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I belong to a discussion group based on Lotus Notes/Domino that sends me an email message once each day with the authors and titles of the messages. This works because it is a private and low-volume forum. I would like to implement this in Frontier's Discuss.

I have figured out how to send a message to each member of a group, but am stuck about listing the authors with subjects of the day. I'm concentrating on mainresponder.discuss.listDay as a model, but get stuck because it assumes HTML so can return "msgReader$39", for instance, as an item. I need the value of this link so that it will appear in plain text or as an HTML link with a plain text link name. Perhaps one of you has already done this or could help me think through this.

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