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Prefs.root frustration

Author:Steve Ivy
Posted:7/19/1999; 1:02:54 PM
Topic:Prefs.root frustration
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I've been working on getting prefs.root up and running, and I'm running into an error I can't get around.

On the picture and statement page, when I submit I get:

Sorry! There was an error: Assignment over existing table object "personalInfo.picture" is not allowed. Delete the object first, or use table.assign to override protection.

I can't find where the error is happening: the script never gets to prefsSuite.browser() - I set an alert just to check that. It happens when both fields are empty, and when either one or both have content.

What's going on here? It only happens on this page- all the other pref pages work as intended (including automatically creating entries in members.root when I added new prefs- COOOOL!)


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