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Re: Showing support for Chris Nolan
Posted:7/19/1999; 7:16:06 PM
Topic:Showing support for Chris Nolan
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Lets make this simple... I assume you are or will be flooded with email concerning Chris Nolan's situation. I'll be very direct.... only reason my eyeballs ever see ads on your site is reading those columns. Do you really want to loose my two very attentive eyeballs?

Sincerely, David Whaley IS Manager / Webmaster G.E.I. Marketing

Hopefully you will realize how easily something can slip by someone like me on the web. But the opportunity to email about this

made me grab my keyboard and type. I'm someone who is always too busy to take time to email someone like you. THINK about

the dominant underground who avoids getting involved and gets it on with their own world. Please; I hate to loose things I like. It

hurts to see something screwed with that I didn't even once express my appreciation for; but friend that time has come, you may

see this email and many others just like it for that matter and feel "this is a very ugly time for me" (I'm obviously guessing your

feelings; I hope I'm wrong); of course I don't want this email to relay that type of message. Please for people like me... give it some

thought. You made me think today. Think about me as a person... a person who primarily would have never let you no I even

existed. I'm reaching; it's rare, but sometimes (you sense that maybe I should help; maybe I should give away some of my

feelings) I know it was worth doing.

Peace to you and your loved ones....

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