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Showing support for Chris Nolan

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:7/19/1999; 4:43:54 PM
Topic:Showing support for Chris Nolan
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The following message was forwarded to me, it was written by Scott Rafer,

As you probably know, as a result of a Wall Street Journal article that mentioned Chris Nolan's purchase of "friends and family" stock in the AutoWeb IPO, the San Jose Mercury News suspended her. The Merc also ran an article in Friday's paper that was unjustifiably malicious to Chris. Even-handed accounts appeared in Saturday's New York Times and Saturday's San Francisco Chronicle, page D2.

To clarify the salient points:

  1. Prior to Autoweb's IPO, Chris asked her editor whether or not the purchase of the stock was a problem for the San Jose Mercury News.
  2. Chris has never written about Autoweb or its competitors.
  3. Chris's friendship with the now-CEO of Autoweb pre-dates her move to California and tenure at the Mercury News.
  4. Chris's column mention of Autoweb's CEO occurred while he was CEO of WorldPlay, now part of AOL.
  5. Chris has consistently and unflinchingly made clear her sensitivity to conflicts of interest, both in her writing and in person. This entire situation came to light due to the first-person article on the purchase experience that she has written for the next issue of Fortune Magazine. Permission to write that piece was also cleared through the editors of the Mercury News in advance.

If you agree with me that the Mercury News is over reacting and unfairly persecuting a writer who has vastly improved their readership and credibility in the technology community, please join me in emailing the following two Mercury News executives:

Please be sure to include your full name, corporate affiliation, and US postal address.

And, of course, please use the power of the network and pass this on.

To reach Chris during her suspension, please use

Thank you,

Scott Rafer

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