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Re: Close Feed back loop

Author:Dan Bricklin
Posted:7/20/1999; 10:53:56 AM
Topic:How I got permission to post VisiCalc
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I'm not sure. Since I couldn't/wouldn't post it without permission, I couldn't say how popular it was in advance. To IBM no number would be appropriate (1000 -- too small, 1,000,000 -- can we make money?). There really is no "corporation" to "see" -- the point is, I think, that it takes individuals in the corporation who care.

I think that people posting letters here (I don't know where else) saying that they like this kind of behavior, and responses like Dave made to it by writing about it, will serve as examples you can show others.

What I am interested in is the number of educational courses that will include a look at old software as part of the teaching. That would make letting the software be posted be part of being a good corporate citizen. There are specific people in various corporations whose job it is to care about that. 100 downloads in a computer science course might be viewed as more important than 1000 downloads of 40-somethings remembering the "good old days".

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