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Problem w/ Prefs.Userland.Com via proxy server

Author:Mark J. Gardner
Posted:7/20/1999; 12:50:13 PM
Topic:Problem w/ Prefs.Userland.Com via proxy server
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I sent this via email to a couple weeks ago. Never heard anything back, so I'm posting it here:
Our company proxy server doesn't allow HTTP uploads (specifically, no HTTP POSTs encoded as multipart/form-data). Unfortunately, this means I can't really change my settings on Prefs.Userland.Com, even on the pages that don't provide an opportunity to upload files.

I've asked the proxy administrators about this, and they replied that I should first ask the webmaster of this site if anything can be done. So I'm asking -- can you change Prefs.Userland.Com to make some, if not all, of it useful to those whose upload ability is restricted?


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