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Re: Email to Jean-Louis

Author:Hal O'Brien
Posted:7/20/1999; 1:25:08 PM
Topic:Email to Jean-Louis
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"Now you have public stock. That's power."

I know I'm very much in the minority on this, but no, Dave, it ain't.

Equity is debt. Pure and simple.

Which means you give up power when you go public.

I suppose it can be argued that equity is one of the instances where giving up power leads to more... To which I can only point out that many a founder of a company has been canned by shareholders. [shrug]

My own inclination is to say a company should only be taken public when the survival of the company is at stake... But, as I say, I know this is a minority view.

But Jean-Louis will never again control Be the way he once did. Unless he buys it back. (Which should be a hint: if one is genuinely in control, where would the necessity for buying back be, if you see what I mean.)

-- Hal

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